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At SP1 we take a creative approach to solving problems and work to improve shipping and transportation around the world making it safer, smarter and more reliable

SafePower 1 (SP1) was established to bring renewable energy at an industrial scale to a world in need of clean, sustainable energy. This led to work in the Middle East and Africa. In 2017, the company was re-purposed to bring about change in the transportation and shipping infrastructure sectors. This led us to pursue companies for investments and partnerships who were currently in possession of "game-changing" technology. The first in our que is a remarkable and innovative company based in Italy. In 2017, SP1 entered into a licensing agreement to bring their green, smart rail cross-ties (sleepers) to the US.
Built from a pre-stressed, concrete inner-structure, and an outer-shell made from recycled plastics and end-of-life (ELT) tires, this system meshes safety, sustainability and unparalleled durability, with sound and vibration dampening, as well as tech advances for a railroad industry that after 186 with limited change, is on the brink of great advancement.  SP1 is also engaged in an aggressive R&D effort aimed at new product development and deployment, as well as, acquisition/licensing opportunities.

So, our introduction product (The One), outperforms all competitors with a 50+ year lifespan - substantially reducing replacement and maintenance costs. The One recycles approximately 49 tons of recycled plastics and EoL (End of Life) tires per mile and moderates rail vibrations by 30+% thus, increasing safety and providing noise reduction for rolling stock. It ​utilizes standard concrete tie manufacturing systems with SP1 modifications and “know-how”.

We Are Here For You

SafePower 1 has a dedicated team of experts to assist railway operators and maintenance providers in the deployment of our products and the technical operation of software.
Our strategy is to not overwhelm the 186 year system of rail in the US, but to gradually advance these organization's understanding of the use of "smart" technology with an emphasis on safety and efficiencies through the deployment of our products. We work with you.
Our Team possesses deep
knowledge of transportation, construction, technology-AI/Machine Learning, product development, plant operations and renewable energy production and distribution.
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