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VP Marketing & Technology

Jarl Meagher

Jarl is a systems thinker with a passion for building business architecture and championing for the efficient delivery of cutting edge, market-based cleantech solutions. His interest in technology originally led him into IoT and mobile connectivity at Verizon. During university he ran a successful web design company where he built and managed websites for market research firms, ad agencies and Impact Investment Conferences, learning from each. At this time, Jarl also met Tim Anderson, now CEO of SP1, and provided value-added services to his Bay Area start-up. After attending a Scientific American conference on the “Top 20 Ideas to Change the World” he realized solar was a perfect combination of technology and sustainability. His ever evolving understanding of solar energy development and grid infrastructure earned him accolades as one of the highest producing solar sales reps at SolarCity.

He served as Director of Operations at Volta, an EV charging company. There, he developed an advanced understanding of cloud based systems and process automation. He then built a cloud based system to manage and control physical assets, components and systems deployed in the field. The systems quickly became the source of truth regarding tech reliability. His role then evolved to include company wide process architecture, working throughout to refine the handoff, permissions and integrity of information into one system. This provided the finance and management teams the insight to deliver on the company’s rapid expansion goals and secure Volta’s next round of funding.

His understanding of IoT, cloud systems architecture, grid infrastructure, sales and marketing prowess all culminate to bringing SP1 a unique mixture of macro level systems thinking and micro level executive precision. He has a Business degree from San Francisco State University where he primarily studied Marketing. He is also a real estate investor in Northern California and lives in Pacifica, CA with his wife and 2 year old daughter.
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