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Michael Menendez

Michael is an established tech entrepreneur and engineer with real startup experience, specializing in design engineering, research and development, continual improvement, and design from paper to product. Founder of VOLTA Charging, the largest free-to-use electric vehicle charging network in the USA. Creator of FLUX, the proud creator of the most advanced portable all-terrain electric vehicles in the world; including TRACK1 featured in MAXIM, New Atlas, Digital Trends, and HiConsumption. As an alumni professor in Mechanical Engineering and Design at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Michael led grant awarded programs for Disaster Relief research and development, and Island Sustainability through renewable energy technology. As a Masters student in Mechanical Engineering, he founded largest private R&D facility in Hawaii to support local technology development and startups.

In 2015 he was honored with receiving the 40 Under 40 award from Pacific Business News acknowledging exceptional young Hawaii business leaders. In 2010 as Lead Mechanical Engineer for the Hawaii Space Flight Laboratory he engineered infrastructure of satellite design and development from the ground up. He led prototyping, machining of system components and overall system architecture to testing procedure for aerospace projects. Michael welcomes the challenges of "that can't be done" or "that's not possible" and performs the impossible. He enjoys free time working on new innovation, writing intellectual property, ground up fabrication, restoring and building cars, renewable energy projects, boating, photography, traveling, and piloting small aircraft.
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