Our people

Founder and CEO

Timothy M. Anderson

Timothy is an experienced entrepreneur and leader with a distinct track record for introducing new techniques in infrastructure project development. He has offices in the USA, Europe and Middle East. Previously, his business was involved in substantial infrastructure  projects in Qatar, Abu Dhabi and the United States. As Founder and CEO of SafePower 1, LLC (SP1), Timothy is responsible for the development of sustainable transportation and energy  projects throughout the North America, Europe and the Middle East. His interests include renewable energy, commercial applications of new energy technology, and rail and road smart infrastructure advances. "Because of our focus on a sustainable environment, SP1 will only invest and build with an emphasis on “Sustainable Design and Renewable Energy,” Timothy has said.

Previously, as a real estate developer, Timothy's experience with vendors and procurement management is extensive. He is also very knowledgeable in governmental relations through his past work as a political consultant in his 20s. Timothy  advises renewable energy and tech companies developing new and innovative ways to improve transportation, provide power, and create sharable travel experiences. Clearly, smart infrastructure and tech drive him and incorporate neatly into his vision for SafePower 1 and its introduction of smart transportation and clean energy to the USA and the world.
Timothy holds a degree in communications, writes articles on the matters of sustainability, smart transportation, and renewable energy and enjoys singing and playing musical instruments with his daughter.

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