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President Business Development

Tullio Angheben

Tullio is a seasoned leader with decades of executive and management experience in distribution and real estate development. Residing between Middle East and Europe, Tullio has built and led multiple firms across the globe including Europe, Australia,  East Europe and Middle East. During his 25 years of experience in business development, Tullio created partnerships and logistical structures that  enabled his businesses to expand worldwide and increase turnover exponentially. Tullio is founding Partner of Greenrail (USA), Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Hofburg Group, an Investment Holdings active in Infrastructure and Construction. In 1993 he founded European Sunrise Trading Limited and later Combitex Holdings, companies involved in the fashion industries, producing and distributing garments and accessories worldwide, also for important brand names. 

In 2001 Hofburg Group entered into the real estate business developing projects in East Europe and Italy and creating a large portfolio of commercial and residential properties. 

In 2012 Tullio joined Premetal Middle East, located in Doha (Qatar), where he developed the market of architectural steel and facade.  Nowadays Tullio is investing globally through his company  group sourcing new opportunities with a close eye to  IT and sustainable Projects. Fluent in English and Italian, Tullio holds degrees in economics, philosophy and classical music studies.

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